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dads(and uncle’s) sleeping postures :D

So the Battle of The Five Armies began. Thranduil’s host was positioned on the southern side of the Mountain, and they were the first to charge.

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I’m sorry

// I am sorry that I have no been on, and I know I owe a lot of role play replies…just school life and everything has been a little overwhelming! 


You cannot hide I see you 
There is no life in the void
Only death

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Welcome to Middle-Earth  ☼  Lake-town

The Lake-town, also known as Esgaroth or “Esgaroth upon the Long Lake”, was a small settlement and community of Men in the northeastern part of mapped Middle-earth. The town was constructed entirely of wood and stands upon wooden pillars sunk into the bed of the Long Lake, south of the Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and east of Mirkwood. It seems that the town’s prosperity was built on trade between the Men, Elves and Dwarves of northern Middle-earth.

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Daughter of the forest, silvan elf and and leader of the elven guard

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Lee Pace /Thranduil • Behind The Scene 

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One hundred years is a mere blink in the life of an elf…

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